Efros Anatoly

Efros Anatoly

You know what I think is really important? You can think that it’s because I’m the wife of Anatoly Vasilyevich. Okay, it’s probably in part because of that. We’ve lived nearly forty years together. And got married as children. It seem's improbable, but that’s what it was. I was 18, and Tolya was very young, five years older than me. All in all, we spent all our time together. And that’s probably why I believe in something that few believe in. I believe that a person’s traits and talents are deeply connected with each other, and that genius and evil are two incompatible things. I believe this with all my soul. What’s more, I think that the better a talented a person is, then the talent in him is all the more beautiful. So it was with Anatoly Vasilyevich.
I’ll tell you a funny story. When my son was five years old, I had a very serious conversation with him, which I knew would come up at one point or another. And there it happened. He asked me, “Mama, what are ‘anti-Semists'?" (That’s how he pronounced the word.) And I had to tell him what anti-Semites were, and Jews, and about our nationality. And then the conversation turned: “So why did you get married to Papa?” I had already grown angry by that time, and I said, “Because there wasn’t anyone better.” “What about Lenin?” “Lenin had died by then.” At last I felt free of the political maneuvers of a boy who was still going to kindergarten. You could laugh at this. Never mind him, Lenin! But what I said about there not being a better person, I still say today in complete seriousness.

I never met a person with such a tender constitution. It sounds strange to say that about a man, but so it is. Understand that I’m talking about the delicate, tender constitution of the soul, with which life unfortunately always interacts fairly roughly. They say that Anatoly Vasilyevich was very vulnerable. Nothing inside him ever healed. You know, there’s such a thing as blood that won’t clot. He had that kind of nervous system. And that transferred into his art. There aren’t many such people… 


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